Aboriginal Jobs – Employment Solutions for Canada’s Indigenous Population

Organizations in Canada are realizing the importance of an inclusive work environment that includes candidates that have been traditionally underrepresented in the Canadian job market. More companies are starting initiatives that explore ways in which they could diversify the workforce, helping them experience the advantages of a workplace with employees from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds. In an effort to be more inclusive, employers in Canada seek to attract individuals belonging to one of the four designated groups under the Federal Government’s Employment Equity Act. Of these groups, Canada’s Aboriginal people have historically faced a plethora of social issues that resulted in disadvantages in society. Aboriginal Jobs are also very hard to come by from the perspective of the job seeker. One of the areas where there is cause for concern is the employment of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people. Employers taking the initiative to hire more Aboriginal employees would help alleviate employment struggles for the people, while simultaneously disproving the stereotypes and misconceptions that have formed over the years. These stereotypes mostly being misguided thoughts that developed as a result of the persecution of the community. We, as employers, need to band together and offer stronger Aboriginal Jobs.

As employers look to increase the representation of Aboriginal candidates in their workplace, it would be helpful if they took the time to educate their organization on the groups themselves. Through the understanding of the people, their history, socioeconomic status, and the social barriers they work to overcome, employers can get a true sense of the community and better embrace them in the workplace. Companies will learn why the Indigenous population of Canada have to overcome social hurdles in order to level the playing field with other job candidates in the Canadian job market. With an increased presence of Aboriginals in the workplace, companies operating in Canada will be given the opportunity to recognize how the community can contribute to the growth and success of their organization. They will be able to appreciate all that the individuals can do for them, despite the limitations their group face; their perseverance an indication of how willing they are and the passion they bring to the table – both of these often times leading to great work ethic and commitment.

Aboriginal Jobs advertisements are a great tool for employers to use in order to connect with candidates from the Aboriginal community. One way of utilizing the job advertisement in the attraction phase is by including a brief message in the ad that encourages applicants from the First Nations, Metis and Inuit groups. Along with this message, companies should be cognizant of the content in their job ad so that it is barrier-free and open in nature, helping prompt applicants from the Aboriginal community apply with confidence.

When it comes to selecting job ad location, companies should strongly consider using specific job boards that cater to the Indigenous population. Job boards like the Aboriginal Job Board (www.aboriginaljobboard.ca) help highlight employers dedicated to hiring Aboriginals as part of their organization. The job board is a specialized online employment community that focuses on helping members of the indigenous population find suitable employment.