Preparing for a Skype Job Interview

What You Should Know in Order to Stand Out Among Other Candidates

In an age of ever-increasing technological advancements, an age where the means of communication continues to change, organizations are becoming more reliant on online mediums, such as Skype, in order to manage different areas of the business. Recruitment and selection is one of those areas in which Skype has become a great tool. Skype interviews are a great replacement to phone interviews which do not give as clear an indication of who the applicant truly is. Skype provides a face to the name in the recruitment process. Additionally, Skype interviews are much more convenient and efficient when compared to the traditional in-person interview. You may find yourself having to do a Skype interview with a prospective employer and wondering how to go about it. No need to worry. We have compiled a list of tips that will help you ace that Skype interview!


  • Use a professional email and username for your Skype account. – In order to make a good first impression, it is essential that you have an appropriate email and username tied to the Skype account that you are using. This may mean creating a new Skype account specifically for employment purposes (e.g., job interview).


  • Select an appropriate location. – You want to choose a quite setting where you and the interviewer are able to communicate clearly without any noise distractions. A clean setting with no clutter in the background is ideal. Make sure that you are in a well lit area so that the


  • Make sure that you are properly dressed. – Despite the interview being conducted online, you should dress formally for the interview like you would in person. Dressing the part sets the professional tone and indicates that you take the company, and the offered job opportunity, seriously.


  • Do a practice session beforehand. – Whether it is with a friend, colleague, or family member, by doing a practice Skype interview, you can ensure that your audio and visuals are working properly. In addition, the person you are doing a practice interview with can give you feedback on your tone, voice level, body language, and responses.


  • Smile and greet the interviewer. – Break the ice by starting the interview off by smiling and greeting the interviewer in an enthusiastic manner. This will help foster a positive energy for the rest of the interview.


  • Stay calm and collected during technical glitches. – There may be times when there is an error in the communication technology. Whether the video camera is being choppy or the audio is not coming through properly, it is important to remain calm and work on fixing the error if it is on your end. If the error is on the end of the interviewer, remain patient while they work on solving the issue.


  • Eliminate background noise. – Before the interview starts, take the necessary precautions to get rid of anything that will potentially lead to distracting noises during the interview. This could be kids at home, an alarm on the computer, or people chatting in a café. By eliminating noises, you and the interviewer will be able to hear each other clearly.